Going-online and transferring ceremony held at IMU for Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Database Platform

On the morning of December 7, 2021, going-online and transferring ceremony for Mongolian-journals-retrieving database platform was held at the conference room of the Center for Studies of Mongolia. Present at the ceremony were Prof. Erhimbayar, vice president of IMU, Nie Xianhui, member of the CPC group of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles(IMARFLAC) and secretary-general of the federation, Uljibaat, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Writers Association, honorary president and editor and reviewer of China Association of Mongolian Journals and leader of the project of Construction of China Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Platform for Public Service, Dahurbayar, director of the Division of Social Sciences of IMU, Associate Professor Bao Quan, major member of the project, engineer Surleg, and all members of the Center for Studies of Mongolia. The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Bayanmend, director of the Center for Studies of Mongolia.



At the meeting, Uljibaat, leader of the project introduced how China Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Platform for Public Service had been established and something else concerned. According to him, the project is one of the projects financed by “Mongolian Language Informatization Fund”. The project lasted from 2014 to 2019 and was completed in two phases. Originally, the establishment of the platform is to achieve 3 goals. The first goal is to save and protect valuable cultural heritage; the second is to provide quick and convenient service for scientists and researchers and the ordinary public; the third is to set a solid foundation for establishing a national database for Mongolian journals which is of high capacity and multifunctional so as to avoid waste of resources as a result of repeated construction of different departments and institutions.

Associate Prof. Bao Quan, a key member of the project, demonstrated how the platform works at the meeting. The database includes 14214 issues of 241 journals, 30 of which are archaic journals with material value. The database includes the resumes of 1839 authors and personalities from different walks of life. The database has the functions of retrieving in the database through “journal name”, “journal category”, “journal issue”, “author”, “article title”, “institution author is with ” and of “combined retrieving” with 2 or more above-mentioned key words.

Prof. Erhimbayar, vice president of IMU introduced what IMU has done in its “Double-First Class” endeavor and how IMU’s co-building by the Ministry of Education and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government has been going. He hoped that IMU and IMARFLAC would establish mechanism to have a wider cooperation between them. He also hoped that IMARFLAC could support as usual the development of IMU. He said that IMU would like to strengthen cooperation with IMARFLAC to push forward the development of literary and artistic causes in Inner Mongolia and better serve the prosperity of Inner Mongolia and stability of border areas of China.

Nie Xianhui, member of the CPC group of IMARFLAC and secretary general of the organization, pointed out that IMU should give full play to the platform’s advantages and continue to expand and perfect the platform. He also said that IMARFLAC and IMU would have a wide cooperation in the future.

Dahurbayar, director of IMU Division of Social Science said that going-online of Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Platform would forward the development of the scientific research concerned and be helpful for Mongolian culture to go international, which is hugely important, and his division would better coordinate and manage for the platform on the basis of the requirements of the government and IMU.

With new journals being published continuously, the platform needs to continue expanding its resources, perfecting its functions and transforms and popularizes this research achievement as soon as possible to serve the whole society. In order to construct the platform in a more advanced and finer way and give full play to its academic value, the CPC group of IMARFLAC decides with the research and consent of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ethnic Affairs Commission to transfer “China Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Platform” to the Center for Studies of Mongolia of IMU, and “Coordinated Innovation Center for Inheritance and Development of Cultures of Mongolians and Other Ethnic Minorities in Northern China” will be directly responsible for the platform.

Prof. Bayanmend, director of the Center for the Studies of Mongolia said that the center will live up to people’s expectations and continue to build and perfect “Mongolia-Journals-Retrieving Database Platform” which will focus on including those journals that have not been included, introducing such advanced technology as words recognition to improve the database technically and translating articles in journals into Chinese. Moreover, the center will continue to perfect the management system and operation mechanism for the platform so that it can play a bigger role in the research of philosophy and social science and serving the society.


URL for Mongolian-Journals-Retrieving Database Platform:

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