Pioneer College

Pioneer College of Inner Mongolia University (hereinafter referred to as the "college"), build in 2005 under the cooperation between Inner Mongolia University and social investors and approved by the Ministry of Education in 2008, is an undergraduate level independent college that began its enrollment in 2008. In 2012, it was granted the bachelor's degree award by examination and approval by the degree committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The college which has beautiful environment, convenient transportation and excellent geographical position, located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, is adjacent to Nanhu Wetland Park and the South Campus of Inner Mongolia University.

 Relying on comprehensive advantage of Inner Mongolia University, according to the needs of social development and the actual situation of the college, the college has six teaching departments, including Teaching Department of Art, Department of Language and Communication, Teaching Department of Information Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Teaching Department of Business and Teaching department of Foreign Language. The college sets up 24 majors which consist of painting, animation, performance, visual communication design, environmental design, product design, clothing and apparel design, broadcasting and hosting art, Chinese language and literature, English, Japanese, accounting, finance, financial management, human resource management, electronic commerce, information and computing science, computer science and technology,  communication engineering, electronic information science and technology, automation, civil engineering, covering disciplines and specialties of science, engineering, arts, economy, art and so on. It has initially formed a system of disciplines and specialties which relatively concentrates on modern media, cultural creativity and so forth. At present, the faculty of the college is mainly composed of the in-service teachers of Inner Mongolia University and full-time teachers appointed by the college. The management team which is made up of members dispatched by Inner Mongolia University and social employees is a professional management team under the overall engagement system.

There are more than 6700 full-time undergraduate and they are enrolled nationwide. Besides, the system that outstanding students can major in bachelor degree of Inner Mongolia University is implemented here (double degree system). In December 2009, the college, approved by the Inner Mongolia University, participated in and implemented 1+2+1 Chinese and American Talent Cultivation Plan. In 2013, the college signed a cooperative agreement with the University of St. Martin, jointly training accounting undergraduate students.

The College has set up excellent student scholarships and 30% of the students can receive the scholarship each year. Excellent student scholarship set up four grades: special grade scholarships for each student 4000 yuan/year, the first prize scholarship for each student 2000 yuan / year, the second prize scholarship for each student 800 yuan / year and the third prize scholarship for each student 500 yuan / year.

Based on the regional economic and social development of the autonomous region, combining with the production practice, guiding by the social demand, aiming at cultivating “high quality, pragmatic, practical and innovative talents”, the college endeavors to form a knowledge-based enterprise in accordance with the idea of promoting the popularization of higher education and learning from the management model of enterprization, which will form the diversified investment body which will mobilize the enthusiasm of social investment in education. In the new situation, the college seize the opportunity, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, actively promote the rapid development of the college and strive to build it into a distinctive and comprehensive institution of higher education based on high quality teaching resources of Inner Mongolia University, aiming at serving for the regional economic and social development of the autonomous region, making a feature of cultivating practical talents and taking undergraduate students’ cultivation as its task.

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